Private guide in St. Petersburg
The Siege of Leningrad Tour

Tour overview: 

This tour will tell you about the most dramatic time in the history of our city when Leningrad (this is the name of Saint-Petersburg in the Soviet time) was besieged by the German and Finnish armies during the WWII. The Siege lasted for 872 days, it became the longest and the most destructive sieges in history and the second humanitarian disaster after holocaust. Leningrad lost about 1,5 million people. You will know why it happened, how the army, the navy and the civil people were struggling. I will tell you about starvation (97% of the people died because of it) and bombing of the city, how people were saving our national heritage, how they lived every day in the besieged city and how they survived. We will move around the city center and explore the most remarcable places telling us the story of the Siege such as Tanya Savicheva's house (Russian Anna Frank), Aurora cruiser and many others.

In the Rumyantsev mansion we will see famous 125 grammes (4,4 ounces) of bread, it was the daily norm of food for 75% of the population of the city, Tanya Savicheva's dairy with her notes about deaths of all her relatives, reconsruction of a typical appartment and a bomb shelter etc.

It can be a walking tour or by any transport you choose. 

Duration: 3 hours


Walking tourUSD 130
By car/minivan USD 180
By minibusUSD 180
By busUSD 260

Every next hour is USD 35, by bus - USD 60


  • Private guide


  • Food and drinks
  • Tickets

Know Before You Go:

This tour is private. 

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Alba Garcia

Didn't expect such experience at all. So much drama and emotions I forgot it was a tour at all. It felt like I lived with all those people for half a day. Such wars should never happen again.

Jose Mendoza

I booked this tour to show my son the real heroes of the war. My family suffered a lot during the WWII and coming to Russia meant a lot. Maria was a very thoughtful guide and she helped us all the way through. Thank you! Thank you!